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Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows

“Finally, Discover a Simple Yet Powerful Method With A Twist That
Will Make Affiliates Promoting Your Product’s Affiliate Program Lives
Easier and Happier… Resulting In A Boost In Profits… Starting

This video training course will show you step by step how to create bonus
products that will have super affiliates swarming to promote your products.

Dear Friend,

As a product creator, you need ways to promote your products without having to invest a lot of time, energy, and money.

So that’s why having an affiliate program can multiply your profits many times over.

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about and you want more high converting traffic to your products and services, then let me explain in a little more detail….

An affiliate program is a program that can be part of your product that gives people the ability to promote your product and earn a commission off of every sale.

You see… if you don’t have an affiliate program, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Affiliates and joint venture partners can make you a lot of money, but the problem is that most affiliates programs don’t provide the proper tools that affiliates can use to promote a product or service.

Even with banners, solo ads, and more, there is still one method you can use to really take your affiliate program to a whole new level and make your affiliates happy. Why? Well, then they’ll be happy to promote for you – when you make their life easier to promote for you.

That’s because most affiliates are busy promoting something, so their time is valuable.

It’s like giving your fans the necessary tools and training to spread the word about your products or services, which can be the difference between several thousand dollars and leaving money on the table.

Make sense?

Ok, so let’s talk about this powerful method in a little more detail..

I want to introduce you to boosting sales with bonuses, but with a twist. 

This is by no means a brand spanking new method, however the strategy
I’m about to show you is often under-utilized by product creators.

It is primarily used by affiliates, however when used by product creators you will multiply your profits greatly.

Now in order for you to understand how this works, I will describe two separate views – a product creator and an affiliate.

The Affiliate:

An affiliate is someone who promotes a product in exchange for a commission or something in return.

One powerful strategy to making more sales as an affiliate marketer when promoting products, is to provide buyers with an incentive or bonus that they will get in addition to buying the product.

And buyers often look for the “best” bonus before clicking the buy button.

The buyers get more than what they paid for simply purchasing through a certain affiliate’s link.  The vendor makes a sale with marketing and the affiliate gets a commission.  It’s a 3-way win-win-win situation.

Now, most of the time the affiliates create their own bonuses and it takes time out of their busy schedule, but they see value in doing so – so they do it.

But if we reverse this strategy, it can be much more powerful when the product creator steps in and gives super affiliates these bonuses so they can start promoting. 

The Product Creator:

As a product creator, what if you created some of these bonuses as affiliate promotional tools?  Imagine how powerful this could be for super affiliates that have the email list and the power to promote your product in an instant. 

The fact that you have created a bonus related to your product means that you have eliminated the time the affiliates have to invest.

You see where I’m going with this?

By using these simple strategies, not only will you help your affiliates make more sales for you, but this system will help you pinpoint your super affiliates and help them make even more sales by giving them exclusive bonuses.

Now, you might be thinking:

   Ok I want to start, but what kinds of bonuses would people want?
   If all the affiliates were given the same bonus, how will I really help the super affiliates leverage them?
   I don’t have any affiliates promoting, how do I find them?
-    I’m not tech savvy at all, what do I do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then all of these questions and many more will be answered in this video training course.

I’ll help you brainstorm bonus ideas customized to your own product that your future super affiliates will go nuts over.

I’ll show you ways to create bonuses fast.

I’ll even give you some super ninja strategies you can use to get super affiliates on board - even if you don’t have any.

With that said, you can put it all in action and start creating your profit-pulling automated membership machine today and avoid the mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars and hours of time - by watching this video series.


Affiliate Bonus Booster

7 Part Video Course

Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:

Video #1: Introduction to Affiliate Bonus Boosting

In this specific video you will be given an overview of how the system works, so you know exactly what to expect in more detail.  By knowing this, implementation will be a lot faster as the pieces of the puzzle come together.  You’ll also learn what tools you need to get started.  We will primarily be sticking with mostly free tools and then some paid-for videos and webinars; however we’ll also recommend free tools.  Other than that we will not be using any expensive or complex tools.

Video #2: Brainstorm bonus ideas for your affiliates

Before you go out and begin creating bonus products for your affiliates, you’ll want to start by brainstorming what your customers would want.  You want to make sure that the bonuses you provide are irresistible enough that the buyer will take some sort of action – and so that your affiliates can effectively promote your products.  Fortunately, in this system, you’ll learn some very easy methods for producing ideas quickly without losing quality.
Video #3: Creating bonus reports

Just as the title states, in this specific video, you will learn how to create bonus reports.  You’ll be shown various ideas you can use right away in your own reports, so you don’t have to think too hard about what to do and how to do it.
Video #4: Creating bonus videos

In this specific video, you will learn how to create bonus videos.  Videos are powerful, and in this section, you’ll be shown step by step ways to use to these to build curiosity about your product and even increase the perceived value of your product.

Video #5: Creating bonus webinars

Webinars are often called automated sales machines; depending on how they are produced can really make your products sell like hotcakes.  However with that said there are some webinars that fail to sell and some webinars that do very well.  You’ll be given a quick and easy formula that you can use to create a webinar that your affiliates can use to sell your products.
Video #6: Super Affiliate Booster Ninja Trick 1

While of course you can provide affiliates with bonuses, there is a super cool ninja method that you’ll learn in this video that will take your sales to a whole new level.  If you think the main method is powerful enough, wait until you see this one.  Do this right and you can double or even triple your sales across the board.

Video #7: Super Affiliate Booster Ninja Trick 2

Like the video above this one? Well in this video you’ll learn another super cool ninja trick that you can use to grow your sales.  Once it is setup, you don’t have to do any of the marketing and you’ll be able to boost your sales simply by focusing on this type of person.

So... with that said, grab this video series now and learn how to create super bonus products that will have super affiliates swarming to promote your products.... so you can start your profit-pulling affiliate machine the right way!

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Affiliate Bonus Booster

P.S. Finally, Discover a Simple Yet Powerful Method With A Twist That Will Make Affiliates Promoting Your Product’s Affiliate Program Lives Easier and Happier… Resulting In A Boost In Profits… Starting Today!

P.P.S. Gain access to these step by step videos that show you how to create bonus products that will have super affiliates swarming to promote your products.  Simply watch over my shoulder and you can follow click by click.

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