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Are you struggling to sell your product or service?

One of the major problems people face nowadays is building a subscriber list with the intent of getting people to buy their actual product. But before you can do that, you need to give people a reason to sign up for your list in the first place.

So another problem many people have is figuring out what to give away.

Are you having writers block or struggling to decide what is the best freebie to give away to prospective customers?

If you're spending days, weeks, or even months figuring out what to create, then you need this course.

Rapid Magnet Blueprint

Before we jump into the video course itself, in this is particular video we will set the tone for the rest of the course. You'll be given a quick overview so that you can understand exactly what the game plan is, and then we will show you exactly how it all works from a bird’s eye view. This means that implementation will be a lot faster.

The Ladder....
The ladder will allow you to gain a better overall view of exactly why you need a high converting lead magnet or a good freebie that you can offer to people in exchange for their email address so that you can build your prospect list. So in other words, you need to understand or have a birdís eye view of the actual funnel before you get started. In this video, we will be covering the biggest mistakes that people tend to make that lead to low converting sales funnels.

Front End Extraction....
Using this particular method, you will be able to create lead magnets at super-fast speeds once you have understood the concept and strategy. I'll give you a heads up on how this strategy will make things congruent and set the tone so that when your prospect comes through and sees your freebie they will be more likely to buy your feature front end offer and one time offers.

Medium to Medium....
This specific strategy will cover different types of mediums. What I mean by medium is the type of freebie that you will be offering to people in exchange for their email to be added to your list. Could this be a video course, video, e-book, an important report, audio, or something else? While I can't dive into the specific strategy at the moment, this can create high conversion.

Video Courses....
To put this into perspective, what kind of freebies can you offer when you are trying to sell a video course? Home and more in this particular video.

How about e-books? What kind of freebies can you offer to people who are interested in purchasing an e-book as your front end offer?

Audio Courses....
What about audio courses? What kind of freebies can you offer to people who are interested in purchasing your audio courses?

How about software? What kind of freebies can you offer to people who are interested in purchasing your software applications?

And of course last, but not least, how about services? What kind of freebies can you offer to people who are interested in your service? In this particular video we will explain why you want to make sure that you don't offer a service such as time. Because otherwise you will not have enough time in the day. Of course, there are ways around this issue that will be revealed to you.

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Rapid Magnet Blueprint

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