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"Would You Like To Learn the Secrets of the Biggest Internet Marketing Gurus Without Blowing Thousands of Dollars On All Their Expensive Courses?"

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I am blowing the lid off of the big guru marketing systems. I put together a crash course in Guru-Style Selling. Before I dive into the details, let me tell you how this all got started...

I am a hardcore student of marketing and persuasion. These pictures show me with a few of the Books and Courses I have studied. That is well over $4000 worth of training materials on display...

...and it's only a fraction of my library.

Now, I'm not showing these to brag (though, I am very handsome) - I just want to let you know that I am seriously passionate about learning this stuff! The only thing I can brag about is that 100% of my marketing education is funded by my business profits (and there is even some cash left over at the end of the year.)

Why are you sharing this amazing material?

One day, out of the blue, a friend and fellow marketer contacted me because he and his business partner were in the middle of their first major product launch event...

...turns out they needed some help.

The launch was for a client working in a sports niche and they wanted me to look over their marketing materials and their launch plan to give them suggestions for improving the campaign.

They had the basics in place (the obvious stuff you can copy from other marketer's launches) but I found a number of places where they could improve their message.

I sent them my notes and they quickly fired back a message asking if I would put together a condensed private training session giving them the critical guru-level information they needed to improve their launch (I guess they liked my suggestions.)

So, I sat down with my pile of marketing books and courses, opened up Freemind, and started to gather together everything I knew about guru-style Internet marketing. The mind map I created turned out to be huge. I printed it out (just for fun) and it was a whopping 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide!

The private session was fantastic. I recorded it for them and realized that it would be an amazing product. But there was one little problem...

...the discussion was very specific to their client's product launch and I did not have permission to disclose any confidential details of the launch.

The information was too good not to share, so I came up with plan B. I decided to hold a special webinar with a select group of people based on the mind map I had created...

...and this time I could share the recordings.

The information covered in this webinar video is marketing GOLD. One tiny tactic I learned from a big-time GURU allowed me to make $1191.00 in commissions by sending 3 short emails to a list of fewer than 500 people. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes to setup and execute. You will learn every detail.

Here is a Taste of What I Covered in the Webinar Recording...

Complete Breakdown of 4 Major GURU Marketing Systems
21 Psychological Principles Used by the Gurus
The Keys to Crafting a Killer Offer
How the Gurus Generate Massive Traffic
Much, much more...

This isn't some glossed-over summary of guru marketing tactics. I spent 1 hour and 39 minutes breaking this content down in extreme detail. There's no fluff and no pitching (how anti-guru of me.) This is pure content from beginning to end.

Some of the attendees said it was like drinking from a firehose, but you have the luxury of stopping and rewinding any time you need another look.

In addition to the content covered in this amazing webinar recording I put together a few valuable extras for you too.

BONUS #1 - Event Launch Timeline

Assembling a launch calendar is an essential part of every guru-style product launch campaign. This special report outlines a complete timeline that you can use to quickly schedule your next major launch. This report includes both a customer launch timeline and a joint venture partner launch timeline.

BONUS #2 - 7 Essential Questions Worksheet

Knowing what to say in your product launch email campaigns is every bit as important as knowing when to send the email. This worksheet will guide you through 7 questions that will make sure that the emails you write are emotionally compelling and leading to a sale.

BONUS #3 - Under the Radar Email Campaign

One simple guru psychological tactic I learned earn me $1191.00 in commissions from sending 3 simple emails. In this special report I break down exactly what I did, explain why it worked, and show you the exact email sequence I used - word-for-word.

BONUS # 4 -Companion Video for Bonus Reports

This companion video covers the 7 Essential Questions Worksheet and the Under the Radar Email Campaign. You get a complete breakdown of each report and see and hear how they put the ideas from the Sell Like a GURU Webinar into action.

BONUS #5 - Sell Like a Guru Mind Map

This is the master plan for the Sell Like a GURU webinar. You get a complete PDF version of the mind map I created to capture all of the knowledge I have acquired about guru-style Internet marketing. You get the tactics, strategies, psychology, and more. Print your own 6 by 4 foot copy and wallpaper your office!

Who Should Not Download Sell Like A GURU!

This webinar recording is NOT for everyone. If you are a complete newbie suffering from Internet marketing overload, you might want to learn the basics first before you jump into the deep end. If you are struggling with basic things like setting up squeeze pages and uploading videos then learning about demonizing objections, priming and the Zigarnik Effect will not be helpful -- yet.

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